Monday, March 28, 2016

D Day April 5,2016

This is the day that Etsy has said we all get new store fronts..The decisions...To have a Cover Photo or not.. No more banners.. they call them Cover photos now.
The look is more about how your shop looks on Mobile devices and Tablets.

I am keeping my own policies_which is a HUGE issues for us Etsy sellers. My own have served me well all these years.. they will stay for me. FAQ's will be a nice addition- to answer questions like do you provide gift wrapping etc.

The layout for a laptop is screwy.. lots of scrolling.. but it is more for devices than a PC. And it would have been nice if we could have controlled where on the page buyers see what we want them to see.

I like the new look and am excited to get it over with and lets see how it looks. I have changed things till I am blue.. and still can't decide if I want a Cover Photo or not. I like my clothesline.. but I don't like the wrinkled faded quilt and I think that Pet Quilts would look so much better.. BUT who has time for that?? lol

Well- back to playing with my new store front!
Have a great day.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Castles, Huts, Cottages... Oh My!

Homes for Hedgehogs and Guinea Pig... Sugar Gliders and Chinchilla's too.. All sizes.
The Barn

The Beach Hut

DrawBridge Castle without Floor
Castle with Floor and Drawbridge

Round Castle with Turrets

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Fabric Addiction

Those who know me in person--know that I have an addiction. ( well maybe 3? lol). Nothing bad.. Fabric for sure, books, animals-- all I can think of right now.

So for fabric.. I do have a lot of it and as I have written in the past that I try to keep a log of all I bought during the year.. this year however has just been one of those years when I have bought a lot of it. 'Course my Etsy sales are up this year and my shops are doing well. ( so there is my excuse to buy more!).

On this site you will now see pix and listings of the fleece that I do own. I am not even thinking of doing the cottons/flannels. Just the fleece for now. I will add around 10 pix each day until I am done. I think it will be easier to have them in one place for the customer and take up less time when they are deciding.

have a great day..

Thursday, November 5, 2015

And So It Comes Out

So-- I have been saying this for years.. that my feedback on Etsy is directly related to how my items are seen in search.. and others I know with shops say- no that is not true.. Well- Guess what.. it IS true.. as of yesterday.. Etsy decided that it is true.. So those buyers who want to leave a 4* because "nothing is ever perfect" or "what is the big deal- 4* is still good" - Well a 4* is not good and my thought is that if you can't leave a 5* for moral reasons or because you don't care-- then just don't leave one at all. (that is different than if you have a real issue with your seller's item)

Lots of changes in Etsy this week.. some good-like having your policies filled in.. goodness how many shops I see that just don't care-- well now they will because their items might not get seen.. and their About page.
When Etsy started the About page-- us sellers were encouraged to write down our story.. and I did. I like reading about how others do what they do and why. For me it makes it more personal. Now to get seen better in search- you have to have your About page done.

I still think there is some things not so good.. like last month I had a customer that English was not her first language and in reading her convos.. well it was challenging to understand.. The gist was that she opened a case against my shop because she was confused as to why I refunded her excess postage back to her at like $21. ( she had bought 5-6 things). A big too-do with PayPal and her and I both called them and got it situated correctly. and I have a happy customer who had promised to come back for more. But does that count against my shop? I think so.. even tho it was more about a language barrier than anything else. And the customer backed down and closed the case once PP and I both explained to her best we could that it was a good thing to refund the postage.

But maybe my About Page and my Policies page cancel out the case? I am not sure at all.
It will be interesting to see what happens with all of this.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Bird Tales

This morning I went out to feed my wild birds and turned around and to my surprise there was a shivering Blue Jay just sitting so close I could touch him (I didn't). I talked to him and he cocked his head but didn't move.. I know he was cold.. but about 20 min later the sun came out and he flew off. So I am thankful for that. (wind chill here was -20f last night)

I did manage to get to my iPhone and snap some pix of him! I want to figure out how to hang a wood box for shelter for them for tonight. I put some hay into it..but it is just sitting on my porch and I think they would think that is unsafe-- a cat could come along and eat them in the night. (not that my cats would-- they are not allowed out of the barn in this weather and they know it!). I am surprised that there were not more birds in the barn today..

The Great Migration Count is going good. Today after the Blue Jay left- 5 pairs of Cardinals stopped by  along with a Downy Woodpecker. My normal group of 8 species have shown up also today. Good thing I have lots of birdseed here! 

I made a concoction of raw Oatmeal, crunchy Peanut Butter, birdseed and whole Cranberries and a couple other things and the birds have gone crazy for it. I do usually make bird treats for them- I just don't always have Cranberries included.

And as I look out- I see that the big feeder is empty-- time to refill again today...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Come Join The Fun (With Birding)

The Great Bird Migration Count starts Feb 13th-Feb 16th this year..

Come count the birds at your home or work or wherever you are and share it.

It is free.. come up with a user name and a can do one day or all 4. You decide.

Outside of the window where my PC is.. I have feeders.. and I have all sorts of birds who stop by year round. I love to watch them. This sounds like something I can do and it might help.

Have fun and let me know how many bird species you saw!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Etsy Forum Craziness

Well-- so I answered a forum question on Etsy and got myself muted for 7 days.. 3 days have passed and I just realized I was muted! lol... but really what a joke... why are the questions allowed to be posted if when you answer...the powers to be don't like your answer and mute you.. I do not get it.

Forums are a tricky thing.. On one had people have a serious business question to be answered and really want help.. and on the other there are some Very lonely people out there that want help with that. People forget that any forum is a public place and their words are searchable. It has become a form of entertainment for me to read them. Etsy now asks the questions to tell us who you love and why? really? on a business forum.

And there are those smart sellers who ask innocently enough-- can you look at my shop and tell me what I am doing wrong?...of course everyone who checks it will go look-- now their stats have just shot higher than the moon! Bet they get a sale for sure. And the ones who say- whoa is me.. I can't pay my rent without sales... you have to know--they end up with sales. Seems like good business strategy to me!

So--while I am muted... I might just have to find another form of entertainment.. or work on my shop and maybe remind myself not to even go there at all when my time is up-- surely they are better ways to waste my time!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back to the Blog

Well- I have decided to get back to the blog. I took a long break to get caught up and work on my shop and now while I am busier that ever .. I am ready to start chatting again.

Weather here in the north east is cold and snowy... normal Feb weather. Perfect time for me to sew-- and maybe organize my sewing room (ha!)

While I have been gone from here... I have been creating Hedgehog Homes.. it is a fluke really... a college girl found me and asked me to make a special home for her Hedgehog.. she thought maybe a castle for her princess. She only told me colors and let me play.. and play I did.. Now I offer 4 Castle styles with a couple styles more almost done and other homes like the Beach Tiki Hut..this week I have had requests to come up with a log home and a spaceship.. both are on the drawing table.

Look and see:

As the Castles and Homes have been selling- they all seem to wind up on FB hedgehog groups.. which for me is lots of fun to see the comments and get the suggestions for new homes.

Nice to be back...