Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Break Over- Badge Talk

 So I was taking a break.. I need to talk so I guess it over. lol

The Star Seller Badge on Etsy is IMO silly. And maybe because I got 3 -4* in July because the buyer bought the size I was selling-- unfortunately her cage was not the size that the liner was. BUT according to Etsy's new badge game- that act removed me from the Star Seller Program..I got it in the end-- but it took like 28 new feedback to get it. And Not that it does squat for my sales.. it doesn't mean a thing at this point. But Josh (the etsy CEO) has been talking in interviews how he wants it to be tied to search. That will not be good. Lots of good sellers will go by the wayside. 

But even today a 4* turned up- no explanation.. no nothing. Annoying for sure.. It means they "liked it".. fine but in today's Etsy world it is not a good thing. lol. 

Etsy can't be bothered having a help desk- But hey new badges showed up in their Forum. I don't understand the point of them (or even care about them!).. Now everyone who posts in the forum- gets a silly badge next to their shop name. They make no sense to even have them.

I like Etsy and I do fairly well there. And they do bring in the customer. But honestly-- it has always been like kids are running the show there. The CEO is not a fan of handmade ( he has said that in interviews). So it makes you wonder why he is even there. The workers behind the scenes are proud to change colors or give everyone a badge.. but to do anything important to the site-- they are lacking.

Just my vent for today.


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Taking a Break

 Taking a Blog Break for a bit.

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