Thursday, November 3, 2022

All the Rage (Videos)

 So supposedly videos are all the rage these days for selling product online. Are they really? I don’t know that they are. I rarely look at them in a listing. ETSY says according to their 2020 survey that buyers want to see them - But in 2020 most of us were in lockdown and yes I watched videos then too. It was a way to kill time.

However, It is 2022 now and who today has time? I don’t. Today they are a time suck for me. It is all I can do to make things to list, get them listed and make things that have sold and adding in making videos to show someone how to use a table runner or a crate mat is beyond what I have time for. 

Asking friends who are avid shoppers and they tend to agree with me- and ignore videos.   

Just my thoughts on this. Feel free to leave yours. 

Thursday, October 27, 2022

 Catching Back up.

It has been a couple years since I posted here. Etsy is still going strong and am up to over 5000 sales now. I have been a "star seller" there since the program started over a year ago now. Not sure it helps me-- but I now have access to the help desk via chat now.

My web site has also been growing steadily.. which is the best! I will keep my Etsy shop but prefer sales via the web site. I have more freedom on the web site and far less fees. And frankly Etsy is very glitchy.

Here are some new things I have been making. All can be found on my Web site.. and maybe Etsy shortly.

Mushroom Teapot Igloo Cover

Turkey Igloo Cover
Reindeer Igloo Cover

Thank you for looking.