Sunday, August 16, 2020

My Other Etsy Shop

Like lots of other Etsy sellers.. I have 2 Etsy shops.  Homespun Tales is my quilted side.

This shop was on vacation for a good 6-7 yrs as I grew my main shop. But with the raise in Etsy fees and not being able to opt out of them in my main shop-- with this shop I can and have opted out of the added ads and the increased fees.

I went back there to selling my Quilted items.. the items that sold in gift shops.

Stop in when you get the chance!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Jumping on the Facemask Bandwagon

I was not going to make the cotton face masks at all.. Nope.. Then NYS decided the other day that We ALL had to wear one in the company of others. AND friends know I sew and they also know I am in the race for Fabric (She who dies with the most fabric wins- that race!). So here I am.. making simple cotton face masks and taking orders for them.. lol.

And because I have a ton of good quality quilting cotton and I also have yards and yards of elastic-- I apparently have all that is needed to make a nice mask.

My fabric is for the most part whimsical and I think I own prints for every animal known to man (I do sell pet products).
 This has also motivated me to list all my cottons for choices for these and other things I make. lol.

Oh-- these will be up for sale on my web site tonight. $5. for adult & $4. for kid size. They are reversible. A simple covering- not hospital grade or meant to prevent disease. They loop around the ears..and I can also make ties instead. Washer dryer safe. Reversible. And fun to wear when you have to.
Thank you for reading along!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Etsy Update for March

 Etsy decided due to Corona shutdowns that they would postpone the auto fee upgrade to May 1. I put back 5 listings to a grand total of 20-25 items. But that might be it for me... and come May 1 they go away unless it is extended again. lol

everyone please stay healthy.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Day Later on Etsy

I have had a full day to digest Etsy's latest scheme. Truth be told I have been expecting the push to go to shove for awhile now and I just knew it would happen in 2020. I have been planning for this for months now and I know my next course of action.

It is certainly hard when I have been an Etsy seller for 10 yrs now. Effective 3/27/20 Etsy will be making it mandatory for lots of shops- mine included to pay for outside ads-via social media. Ok.. but that fee on top of what it costs to sell there now makes my fee 20% taken out of my profit. That is a huge spike. My sales can withstand the 8% it now is. I do not want to raise my prices.. I know who my customer is and what my market can support.

So, come the end of March.. My sales will be on my web site and BaroQoo (where I do have a storefront). My shop on Etsy will be open with very little in it. I need it for Kansas sales. ( I am stuck there). Any orders-- contact me here or my web site or even Baroqoo or any of the social media sites you find me on. I won't take orders on Etsy- it is just not worth it to me anymore.

On my web site ( there is a sign up sheet for a newsletter that I have not even considered how to do one--  Come find me and say hello!


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Thanksgiving Turkey Igloo/Pigloo Covers have flown in:

For sale on my web site.. orders only $ me here or there.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Liners now on my web site

Liners are now on my web site.. I have lots of fleece.. lol. (see the links on this page for available fleece). I do have even more fleece and am listing it as I get time. Please ask.

 Due to the state of Kansas-- I will not be giving up Etsy. The state of Kansas refuses to recognize the small out of state vendor. Every other state does. And their legislature approved it and their governor veto'd it.. so if I sell anything to a person in Kansas I have to collect and pay state sales tax no matter the price. I do not have a Kansas state sales tax number.. Etsy pays the tax for me. I will be on Etsy for a bit now. lol.

And if free ship is mandatory one of these days (which I think is a distinct possibility) then my shop will be really small for those Kansas folks.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Tunnels for Hedgehogs and Guinea /Skinny Pigs $6-7 depending on the size pet. Lots of colors available.


That is a great word for my feelings of Etsy. I thought I would be a seller there for at least another year.. But that might not be. Today, I hope it is a test but I am not sure anymore. Now in the middle of my listing are 2-3 rows of other sellers items very similar to mine. I can easily see where someone could mistake their items for mine and be whisked away to another shop in the blink of a click.

Just another twist of the knife in the backs of sellers. Today, the message from Etsy is to sign up for free shipping to even get found in search. " Set up a free shipping guarantee to get your items found." Reads like a threat to me. Not thrilled at all.


Monday, September 9, 2019

The Igloo Covers

Things have already started to change on Etsy and my time there is more limited than I had hoped for. All of these Igloo Covers will be on my web site and a few on Baroqoo. These fit the regular size Igloo- Large or Big size depending on the brand used. These items are order items with a 5-7 day order time. I will have some done ones in both my web site and Baroqoo.
Regular Igloo Cover $9.99

The Tiki House $12.99

The Cupcake $11.99

The Cupcake $11.99
The Pumpkin $11.99
The Dino $12.99

The Fish $12.99

The Treehouse $12.99
The Bumblebee $14.00

The Strawberry $14.00

The Shark $14.00

Santa's Hat $12.99

 Thank you for looking- Any questions- please ask.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Because You Asked

I get asked daily to see my hides.. here are some of them. They are listed for sale on my web site now..adding some to Baroqoo soon and maybe a couple on Etsy because.

Hippie Van $40.00

Cupcake $32.00

Beach Tiki Hut $34.00

Shark $34.00

The Cottage $35.00

The Pineapple $35.00

 There are more.. as soon as I can edit photos.. I will share.

Saturday, August 17, 2019


Baroqoo is a new selling venture and is attracting lots of also Etsy sellers..which I think is a good thing. Their rate structure is inexpensive and while once they get more well known- it might go up.. it is ok. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Etsy.. and that also is ok.

They do have a dedicated customer service staff and are very quick to respond with a real person for any site help needed. My help issues have been with email.

But I got a sale there already less than 1 week in and I have that all important feedback! So I am thrilled!

Come find my shop there..TheHomespunLoft

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fall 2019 Selling Rant

Let me start by saying I mostly really do Love Etsy. But ... well I think the writing is on the wall for me.. Lots of changes coming this fall. Changes that IMO take my control away from how I run my own shops. The consequences for me is that Etsy has said they will shadow ban sellers like me in search. Only time will tell.
As I see it--Etsy is just the platform that allows me easy access to selling-- and right now they want more than I am able to easily grant them.

I am branching out and am using my web site more and other sites like Artyah Emporium (when they return this fall) and Baroqoo.

I will stay on Etsy as long as I still have sales.  There will be limited listings on Etsy.  My goal is the web site and wean off of Etsy.
All my links will be on the side of this page.

thank you!