Saturday, April 18, 2020

Jumping on the Facemask Bandwagon

I was not going to make the cotton face masks at all.. Nope.. Then NYS decided the other day that We ALL had to wear one in the company of others. AND friends know I sew and they also know I am in the race for Fabric (She who dies with the most fabric wins- that race!). So here I am.. making simple cotton face masks and taking orders for them.. lol.

And because I have a ton of good quality quilting cotton and I also have yards and yards of elastic-- I apparently have all that is needed to make a nice mask.

My fabric is for the most part whimsical and I think I own prints for every animal known to man (I do sell pet products).
 This has also motivated me to list all my cottons for choices for these and other things I make. lol.

Oh-- these will be up for sale on my web site tonight. $5. for adult & $4. for kid size. They are reversible. A simple covering- not hospital grade or meant to prevent disease. They loop around the ears..and I can also make ties instead. Washer dryer safe. Reversible. And fun to wear when you have to.
Thank you for reading along!

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