Monday, November 9, 2015

My Fabric Addiction

Those who know me in person--know that I have an addiction. ( well maybe 3? lol). Nothing bad.. Fabric for sure, books, animals-- all I can think of right now.

So for fabric.. I do have a lot of it and as I have written in the past that I try to keep a log of all I bought during the year.. this year however has just been one of those years when I have bought a lot of it. 'Course my Etsy sales are up this year and my shops are doing well. ( so there is my excuse to buy more!).

On this site you will now see pix and listings of the fleece that I do own. I am not even thinking of doing the cottons/flannels. Just the fleece for now. I will add around 10 pix each day until I am done. I think it will be easier to have them in one place for the customer and take up less time when they are deciding.

have a great day..

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