Thursday, November 5, 2015

And So It Comes Out

So-- I have been saying this for years.. that my feedback on Etsy is directly related to how my items are seen in search.. and others I know with shops say- no that is not true.. Well- Guess what.. it IS true.. as of yesterday.. Etsy decided that it is true.. So those buyers who want to leave a 4* because "nothing is ever perfect" or "what is the big deal- 4* is still good" - Well a 4* is not good and my thought is that if you can't leave a 5* for moral reasons or because you don't care-- then just don't leave one at all. (that is different than if you have a real issue with your seller's item)

Lots of changes in Etsy this week.. some good-like having your policies filled in.. goodness how many shops I see that just don't care-- well now they will because their items might not get seen.. and their About page.
When Etsy started the About page-- us sellers were encouraged to write down our story.. and I did. I like reading about how others do what they do and why. For me it makes it more personal. Now to get seen better in search- you have to have your About page done.

I still think there is some things not so good.. like last month I had a customer that English was not her first language and in reading her convos.. well it was challenging to understand.. The gist was that she opened a case against my shop because she was confused as to why I refunded her excess postage back to her at like $21. ( she had bought 5-6 things). A big too-do with PayPal and her and I both called them and got it situated correctly. and I have a happy customer who had promised to come back for more. But does that count against my shop? I think so.. even tho it was more about a language barrier than anything else. And the customer backed down and closed the case once PP and I both explained to her best we could that it was a good thing to refund the postage.

But maybe my About Page and my Policies page cancel out the case? I am not sure at all.
It will be interesting to see what happens with all of this.

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