Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Bird Tales

This morning I went out to feed my wild birds and turned around and to my surprise there was a shivering Blue Jay just sitting so close I could touch him (I didn't). I talked to him and he cocked his head but didn't move.. I know he was cold.. but about 20 min later the sun came out and he flew off. So I am thankful for that. (wind chill here was -20f last night)

I did manage to get to my iPhone and snap some pix of him! I want to figure out how to hang a wood box for shelter for them for tonight. I put some hay into it..but it is just sitting on my porch and I think they would think that is unsafe-- a cat could come along and eat them in the night. (not that my cats would-- they are not allowed out of the barn in this weather and they know it!). I am surprised that there were not more birds in the barn today..

The Great Migration Count is going good. Today after the Blue Jay left- 5 pairs of Cardinals stopped by  along with a Downy Woodpecker. My normal group of 8 species have shown up also today. Good thing I have lots of birdseed here! 

I made a concoction of raw Oatmeal, crunchy Peanut Butter, birdseed and whole Cranberries and a couple other things and the birds have gone crazy for it. I do usually make bird treats for them- I just don't always have Cranberries included.

And as I look out- I see that the big feeder is empty-- time to refill again today...

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  1. Hi! Just a teammate from Petsy, checking out your page. Come visit my link sometime...there's a "like" button right at the top.

    Following your page! Love the pic of the bluejay. They're such underappreciated birds.