Thursday, February 12, 2015

Etsy Forum Craziness

Well-- so I answered a forum question on Etsy and got myself muted for 7 days.. 3 days have passed and I just realized I was muted! lol... but really what a joke... why are the questions allowed to be posted if when you answer...the powers to be don't like your answer and mute you.. I do not get it.

Forums are a tricky thing.. On one had people have a serious business question to be answered and really want help.. and on the other there are some Very lonely people out there that want help with that. People forget that any forum is a public place and their words are searchable. It has become a form of entertainment for me to read them. Etsy now asks the questions to tell us who you love and why? really? on a business forum.

And there are those smart sellers who ask innocently enough-- can you look at my shop and tell me what I am doing wrong?...of course everyone who checks it will go look-- now their stats have just shot higher than the moon! Bet they get a sale for sure. And the ones who say- whoa is me.. I can't pay my rent without sales... you have to know--they end up with sales. Seems like good business strategy to me!

So--while I am muted... I might just have to find another form of entertainment.. or work on my shop and maybe remind myself not to even go there at all when my time is up-- surely they are better ways to waste my time!

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