Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back to the Blog

Well- I have decided to get back to the blog. I took a long break to get caught up and work on my shop and now while I am busier that ever .. I am ready to start chatting again.

Weather here in the north east is cold and snowy... normal Feb weather. Perfect time for me to sew-- and maybe organize my sewing room (ha!)

While I have been gone from here... I have been creating Hedgehog Homes.. it is a fluke really... a college girl found me and asked me to make a special home for her Hedgehog.. she thought maybe a castle for her princess. She only told me colors and let me play.. and play I did.. Now I offer 4 Castle styles with a couple styles more almost done and other homes like the Beach Tiki Hut..this week I have had requests to come up with a log home and a spaceship.. both are on the drawing table.

Look and see:

As the Castles and Homes have been selling- they all seem to wind up on FB hedgehog groups.. which for me is lots of fun to see the comments and get the suggestions for new homes.

Nice to be back...

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