Friday, September 5, 2014

Postal Tracking

I just bought something from a vendor on Etsy and she doesn't put tracking on her packages.
(It is there anyway-as she didn't realize).

USPS Tracking on first class is a Minimal cost.. and with Priority it is Free. Tracking protects both the seller and the buyer. I always have tracking on all my packages. Do you?

What would you do if one of your customers comes to you and says they never received the item? Without tracking- you have NO proof that it was even sent.

Granted there can be some problems with the Postal tracking system.. there just is. But on the whole it works well. It tells me if it was delivered to my customers home. If it is lost-- it gives me a starting point... It Proves to the customer that it WAS sent (because  the post office logs it in).  And yes- I hear the stories that the PO never logged it in... that is not my experience after almost 20 years of online selling.

I have stories of  2-3 customers-mostly when I was selling on Ebay that had said they never got the package after X amount of days. But I had my Proof of  Tracking and proof that the Package WAS delivered to the house. In one instance-- the teen child put the package in an odd place in the home unbeknownst to the customer. In another- a neighbor took the package, so it would not get wet on the customers porch. All of these could have ended with me loosing money, an having to replace or refund money for items that I knew where sent and delivered. Tracking is what covered me.

My current Etsy seller explained to me that customers do not want to be overcharged for shipping...what? that comment makes no sense to me.. Tracking is a minimal cost when shipping with Etsy labels or PayPal labels. Even if you had to go to the PO to ship-- then the $1.05 is well worth the protection it offers the seller. The seller pays that fee.

Just my thoughts... Do You have tracking on your packages?

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