Saturday, August 2, 2014

Online Seller Angst

Maybe it was easier for me.. Selling on line- I mean. In the end I chose Etsy- after years on Ebay.. Etsy to me seemed like a natural progression.. an extension of  what I do anyway.

I come from Craft shows and I currently still do the occasional show but mostly I sell my sewn items in Gift Shops. Sometimes, they are consignment and sometimes I am lucky to find ones who pay me upfront for wholesale. Those are the fun ones because you get your money right away.
I don't really worry about it either way.  My things sell. Get paid now or then-- it doesn't much matter.

My point is really that there are SO many online sellers who just don't have the sellers background.. they have never done a craft show, they don't sell at markets or anywhere but have an online store. Why? I think a lot of the time-- they make and sell to coworkers who rave about their item and then there is the family who buys from them and raves and someone suggests an online shop.

So, now we have sellers on line who get crazy about the smallest thing. Etsy and I am sure other online venues Tweak all the time. Ebay does. It is just part of the experience. Not many like change and wow-- Etsy does play a lot with that! We have sellers that worry about the smallest thing and are very vocal about it. They have sleepless nights over lack of sales. ( because they are going to quit the day job with the pension and the health insurance to sell their craft online!).

But Competition is Fierce anywhere you go and especially on Etsy. So while your item sold well at the family picnic.. it might struggle when you now find thousands of people making what you do. Some will sell it for less and some for more. No point in getting angry or disillusioned about it.

These sellers worry about how many sales I have over them, How I chose my shop name- should they change their name, How much money I have made this month vs them, How many items I have for sale vs them etc etc-- the list goes on and on. They obsess over minor details and are public about it. Their self esteem takes a hit and we hear about it.

While Forums are fun to read, did they ever stop to notice that the sellers who are selling like mad-- just don't have the time to be on the forums.. Those same sellers don't belong to every team created (Etsy has community teams to join)- In fact they might only belong to 1-2 teams if any. They certainly don't have time to talk about meaningless things for the sake of "talking".. they are busy running their business and their lives.

Maybe ask yourself.. why do you make what you make? If your answer is to get rich and quit the day job. Then maybe you need to reexamine your day job. If you are not happy with it.. find something that you are happy with. There is a lot to be said for a Pension and Health Insurance.

If like me- you would still make your item and give it away if need be..because it is who you are. I sew, I am a sewer.. It is who I am.. I couldn't stop that anymore than I could stop breathing. Selling online for me is just an extension of that.  Like my product or not.  If you don't like it- someone else will. It is okay.

But Work? Never-- it is Fun!

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