Friday, July 25, 2014

Angry People

Did you ever notice how Angry some people are? Ask them what they watch in the evening. I have taken a poll of friends and family... in my results-- the ones who are the angriest-- are the ones who watch the political news shows on cable.. It doesn't matter their political views or their religion.. it seems across the board. These are the same people who want to argue about just about anything. (And these same people will tell you they are not angry people and not in a bad mood - but they sure seem to be)

So to experiment.. I tried it.. I turned on cable and found those political pundits and watched.. and wow--- I was getting angry.. my mood just changed. I had thought I was having a good day and then I caught 2 shows and my mood just changed.  I found myself talking to the TV screen and I was not nice. I found myself yelling at those around me.. I was getting a headache.. it was just too much ( for me!) Channel 1 says one thing-- go to channel 2 and they say the opposite- no wonder people are angry...they all talk and never really say anything!

Give me back my weekly sitcoms..anything... I end my day happy and in a good mood. Goodness as much as I complain about the switching housewives-- even that is better that angry people screaming at each other to get their political views across.

what do you watch?

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