Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prices vs Quality

How many times have you heard that low prices mean that your quality is poor and you are a mass producer. Bull. I don't believe that for a second.

I believe that customers are not stupid and they can see for themselves what is a quality item or not.
Most of the time I see this comment being made by sellers who just don't have sales because they have marked up their items to 4-5 times what they are actually worth. ( I saw someone selling pony beads strung on wire with a Hobby Lobby charm on it for $25..something that would have taken 10-15 minutes to make and she didn't understand why she has no sales!)

I do think that everyone wants a deal.. And most of us are bargain shoppers. I think that is a good thing.  I say stick to your guns.. if your prices are lower than your neighbor- so.. as you as you are making a profit... then stick to what price works for you. (and your customer).

Just thoughts...

Have a great day!


  1. I agree 100%! I work hard and shop smart so that I CAN offer lower prices to my customers. I believe that every woman should be able to afford pretty things and not have to sacrifice other things to do so!

  2. We should not feel bad for giving a good price so that we get customer's to buy from us. But, we still need to be sure we are making money. All About BlogSpot Etsy team (following you)