Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Your Activity Feed

When I check my Etsy Activity Feed.. my goal is to see a higher number in "Your Shop" than in "Following" or "Interactions".

Following is nothing more than who you are following and new items from others in your following list...and Interactions is what someone else is now following or someone else who liked what you did. Not a big deal.

The number than shows up for "Your Shop" is important. It shows who is following you, who liked what, any treasuries your shop has been added to. Lots of good stuff.

To increase that number.. I would say what I have always said. Join as many teams as you are able to check into at least once a month...show off your items in all your social networking sites, Do Treasuries. You are your own best advertiser.

Be kind to others on the Internet. Shoppers like those who are kind. It doesn't always have to be about you. Find something nice to say about someone else's items and people will come to check you out!

Anything I missed? Let me know here..
Stay warm....

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