Thursday, January 23, 2014

Trapped... or am I?

My car is in the shop this week and I chose not to get a rental from my insurance company. I have a lot of sewing to do here and I really can't think of any place I need to go.

SO-- My goodness.. you would have thought that I was trapped the way some of my friends and family act. "how can you not go out? I would "die" if I could not leave my house"... "I have to go out each day and see people! How can you not?"... comments like these exact ones have been texted and left on my answering machine.

And I say to these people-- you need a hobby.. Goodness, I am not trapped in a basement with no chance to see outside. I just don't have any place to go to. I am not one of those people who has to get out in the world to feel alive. I certainly go out if I need to be out.. but to just go to the store for the sake of it.. No.

And really-- just the walk from my house to the barn in these frigid temps is really about all the outside I need this week. Like I said- I have Soooo much sewing to do-- this is good for me. I am "forced" to stay in and get things done. I started the week with a bin of half done projects and I am almost done with them all! So I am happy about that.

Today the temps were 14F... and it feels like a heat-wave... OR is it that I am just used to the temps!?! A least we don't have any snow. The roads are bare.

Stay warm everyone... I will- I am inside sewing!

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  1. Ha!Ha! That's funny. Yes, just stay inside and sew to your little hearts content. There are some days that am so glad I don't have to leave the house and I get to stay home and sew! Enjoy! :)