Saturday, January 25, 2014

Games We Play

I was just on a dog blog where they spoke about silly games to play with your dog.

I have big dogs and they love to play and run. We have a huge fenced in yard to do that in...but on days like today when it is bitterly cold, they are not outside playing for much more than 5 minutes. You can see them start to walk funny and before you know it one of them is holding up a paw and it is time to come in. I feel lucky enough if I can get them to do their business before their feet get cold. Sometimes, I just can't.

One game we do play in the house is the "Cookie Game". (and they do know those words). I make sure they are sleeping or upstairs first as it is hard to hide their cookies with them following me! Then I take a handful of their cookies- sometimes breaking them in half and hide them in plain site or behind a pillow on the couch etc. Then I call them to play the Cookie Game and tell them to "use your nose".. and from then it is a matter of them running crazily around trying to find the cookies. I enter a room with them and direct them to some degree.. like "behind you" or "over there". I don't show them where it is-- I just tell them the direction. Praising all the time as they find them.

They seem to like the game and they get treats as they play... then they take off for other parts of the house and I am free for another couple of hours to sew!

Got any other ideas when the dogs are just underfoot and you can't get anything done? what works for you?

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