Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So you want to sell your items on Etsy

So you want to sell on Etsy? ( or Artfire or Ebay? etc)

I have a friend who just opened up a shop there. She sells her items well at a craft show, As we all do who have opened online shops.

Her shop has been opened almost 2 weeks with little views and no sales. And she is discouraged. She has been favoriting and hearting as she goes.

I tell her.. She like most everyone who opens an online shop is expecting so much. Yes, there are the lucky few who make sales right away. It is great.  And then there are others who struggle.

At a craft show you are generally the only one who makes what you do.. on Etsy or any online venue.. you are a guppy in a big sea of others making similar items to yourself.

You are not alone.. I have lots of items that I can't give away on Etsy, but I sell them like hotcakes locally for the same price as online. 

My friend is thinking that her items are different from others that she has seen locally.. which I am sure they are.. I told her to do a search for them on Etsy and see.. she was amazed that her best seller locally-- well there are over 10,000 listings for similar on etsy.

I say it is not so much what you are selling as who you can attract to buy your items.
 Yes- I do think that you still have to have a good product....but really, haven't you seen those shops with hundreds of sales and you wonder how? Their item looks like the neighborhood cat made it. They network.

Look at most of my shop. Most of my things are very common.. and any good sewer can make similar.. But can they sell that item? I work my shops.. I am on line hours each week just hunting up customers. I have joined every networking site I can think of. I keep my name out there. I still to this day heart and fave shops daily. I network. 

My friend doesn't have time with her life, her 9-5 job, the craft shows she does, to network. Sales will be harder for her to come by. I make time.. there is a reason I go bed late.. my day still starts at 6am whether I am up til 10 or 2am.. While I don't have a traditional 9-5.. Sewing is my job.. the only difference is that I don't have the drive time.  And my home might not be as white glove clean as some (I have my have priorities!-LOL).
I tell her to join sites, to join teams, to contact her friends, to do everything thing she can think of to show others what she makes and how to buy them... and then start all over again and keep doing that every week. Interact with people on line. You are your own best advertiser. And read my blog... and others. If I can figure out how to get sales.. then you can too.
It is a part-time job to hunt for customers. But it has to be done.
Good luck everyone.


  1. Boy you hit it right Linda! You must network and keep your name out there! You must promote outside of Etsy. :)

    1. I get this question all the time. Sellers who don't like's eBay and Amazon's selling fees are always looking for other web sites to post their items. where to sell things online

  2. Love reading your article! Speaking of networking, I have just joined Just Bloom an online community for women over 40. It's a great, dynamic community. Maybe your friend could start there. I connected with them on Facebook first, then on twitter.
    And then decided to join sign up on their site. :)

  3. Good site etsy, unique handmade and vintage items. But if you are not living in USA, you pay lots for shipping (many of the sellers are from USA). Another site I love to use is, great unique features with excellent support.