Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Kitten Without a Name

So, the neighbor's stray had kittens. They can't keep cats in their rented house... The cat was in their barn.. and I went to look at them.  Well... I think everyone who knows me knows.. you can't hand me a kitten and expect me to walk away!

So, I took the Buff colored one. He is long haired.. his blue eyes are turning grey- yellow. 11 wks old now ( I have had him for 3 wks).

I am good with names of animals. I can look at any animal and come up with a name. But I can't for the kitten. I am not sure why. Even the cats who came here who were sickly and I knew they would not live long- all were given a name.

So, Maybe you can help me with a name? I have a couple that I have been calling him until something better comes along. I told my vet this week that I am concerned that in 10 yrs he still won't have a "good" name.

My other two.. well Gus.. has taken him under his wing and washes him and plays with him.  Henry touched him on purpose just this week-- and I think it was to play! Henry usually ignores him.


PS. My neighbors are an older couple with a set income But they have already gotten mom fixed. And adopted out 2 of the other kittens and are working to either get the last 2 adopted out or fixed. They are keeping mom who is what I would call a pale Torty with crossed eyes.. very friendly- you can tell she was once a house cat who got dropped off.

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