Friday, May 24, 2013

Staying on Page One

... Of a Google Search

To figure out your Google stats...Search for something of yours.. Or better yet.. search for your etsy shop name.The important thing is that Your Shop shows up on the 1st page-- not so much the specific item. If someone finds you-- then they will find the rest of your things.

The 1st page is the important thing-- most people don't go past the 1st page-- so "they" say. You should search for one of your items and see how many pages down you are. When I 1st started all this- I was down 20 pages once.. that was terrible. No one would ever find my things!

Try it-- List a new item on Etsy (or wherever).. then wait a day.. and go looking for it.. Once you find it-- hopefully on the 1st page.. then search for it daily until it leaves the front page... that is how long you have until you know you have to list something else new! ( Specific items of mine take about 10 days...But I am generally always on the 1st page for my business name).

The SEO that everyone talks about.. is more about finding the exact item. If you can't find that-- using your etsy ad title-- them you have to tweek your ad title and maybe your ad too-- so that it is found on the 1st page.

Check out these sites for more help: 
 Google Keyword Tool Box 
 Etsy Key Words
 Etsy Help Article SEO
 Etsy Secrets

A Google search is a google search-- doesn't matter what computer you are on.

Also-- make sure on etsy-- you signed up for Google Anyalytics.. (go to Shop options and choose Web analytics tab).. also make sure you have checked Yes.. for Google Ads.. they are free ( Go to your shop page-- and on the left side is Promote..choose Google ads). Check your etsy stats...  

I talk about Etsy  a lot because I have 2 Etsy shops and that is where I mostly sell.. But these thoughts work for any site.

I also talk about a 'Google Search'... because Etsy is connected to Google.. via Analytics... my blog is connected to Google.. etc.. But substitute Google for Bing or Yahoo.. and do these searches there too. I like Google.. But the others work the same way.

Hope my thoughts help you... (let me know!)


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