Monday, April 15, 2013

Fabric Collector

I am a Fabric Collector. I have scads of cottons and fleece. A lot more than most I know- even the sewers.

I do my very best Not to purchase more. I really try. Fabric shops are soothing to me.. peaceful.. they make me happy to see all that lovely fabric. Some of you regulars know I have tried to keep track.. I gave that up.. just too much work. As much as I should not be buying more.. I do get orders... and unfortunately I can't always talk customers into fabric that I already own!!

I don't apologize for my collection.. it is what it is. It helps me to maintain my low prices and in turn get sales. I purchase when possible on sale and wholesale. I am careful with my spending. I don't owe a thing to anyone for my collection.

It is over whelming at times and I would love to have half of what I do already have. There are just not enough hours in my day to do all the sewing I need to do to get there! and still maintain my personal life.

 The Journey to get there is half of the fun! And when others are looking for a certain print or color (like the old Debbie Mumm green).. I am liable to have it!

And as I write this-- I am looking a 2 bags full of newly purchased cottons.. because with all my fabric- solid colors is not something I own! (go figure!). Today, only 1 small 1.5 yard of fabric is considered a splurge fabric!

Next post I will show you my new play thing, bought today. I want to check it out first and tell you about it... stay tuned!

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  1. Don't you know you can never have toooooo much "stash"! :) I agree with you that buying fabric is my "therapy". Looking forward to seeing your new purchases. :)