Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Networking, Networking and More Networking

Networking Thoughts-- Again...

Networking to make sales on line is a Part Time Job.. it just is. (eBay is the only site that this doesn't seem to matter, so I have found). 

In regards to Etsy- I pay attention to my Google Analytics and my Etsy Stats. I JOIN EVERYTHING that people are coming from to look at my shop. (ie.. Horse Forum, Pug Forum, Reddit and more). I don't have a Pug-- but the Pug Forum shows up on my Etsy shop all the time.. I joined it. With Forums, you can generally post pictures of your things and link them back to your Etsy shop. More exposure= more potential sales.

This is not hard to do.. BUT it is like a part time job-- I have said this before.. Customers do not just show up-- You have to go looking for them.. You have to get them to come to you. Etsy is a huge place... there is a LOT of competition. Why should someone buy from you and not from the next person? You have to set yourself apart.

Some places to join Wanelo , Stumbleupon , LinkedIn , Pinterest , Reddit , Tumblr , Facebook ,  Twitter ,  Handmade Registry , Handmade Artist Forum , Indipublic. Yahoo has their own set of groups to help, Facebook is full of groups to help you get more exposure, Etsy has their teams. My Space. (Blogs I will discuss in another posting.)

 Do an Internet search for forums that make sense for your shop... and sign up. BUT Unless you check into them and "work" them-- they will not help you and you will still talking of none to little sales.  You will loose whatever fans you once had, unless you check in and update your status and chat.

Also, think creatively, join in the conversations at these sites. If all you do is to post your new items- boy, that gets boring fast. I tune those sellers out, and I move onto to others who show me other things they find, sure I want to see their items, but not all the time. I also want to hear what they have to say.

I have spoke of this before: I sign into everything with my business name. The only place who wanted my real name was Facebook. I want searches on my business name and not my personal name. My business is what I am promoting- not myself. I put my Etsy shop on all the sites that I belong to as my goal is sales. 

It is Not a good excuse to say "I am not computer literate", "I am not good with social networking". Well- if you want to sell on line- You best learn. You have to network-- play (surf) on the internet-- to get sales. You have to. Look at the best sellers on etsy (or any of the other selling sites)-- they network probably as much as they are making things for their shop. It is part of the deal. 

I also did a previous post on this subject...

Please think about this..... Saying you don't have time to interact on the Internet- is an excuse... it is like going to the gym.. you won't loose that extra weight unless you workout. You won't make sales unless others find you.. they won't find you unless they know where to look, you need to direct them.

I am a prime example on what happens when you do not "work" your account. I have 2 etsy shops. This one I work and the other not so much. It shows in my sales and my hits. I don't even have 100 sales there and it has been open almost as long as the one associated with this blog. I just don't work it. I say I run out of time- But even to me- that is a poor excuse. I do run out of time, and I know I have to do better to get those sales. So, I am learning to rearrange my time to work that account...along with everything else. (lol!)
Come and find me and follow- I will follow back. (because it really is all about networking).
  1. facebook-
  2. reddit-
  3. wanelo-
  4. indipublic-  (my shop is The Homespun Loft)
  5. handmade artist forum-  (thehomespunloft)
  6. handmade registry- (thehomespunloft)
  7. stumbleupon-
  8. tumblr-
  9. linkedin-
  10. pinterest -
  11. twitter-
Good luck....Looking for ward to meeting you on these sites!


  1. Love this post! Definately does take a lot of work! Thanks for writing about this!

  2. Oh boy! Thank you so much for this post and the link to your other post. I've saved these links to my desktop and will read them again when I get home from work. You are giving some wonderful advice here and I definitely plan on taking it.

    Networking has been weighing heavy on my mind lately because one thing I do know is that you can have the best products but if no one knows you are there, no one will buy!

    My sales are up considerably over the past several months and my ultimate goal is to quit the day job. Not near that point yet but I'm hoping. So thanks for sharing all this great information!!!

  3. Dearest Linda,
    Networking sure does eat up time! But it pays off. Funny because yesterday I did a post about the TRUE Presence on the WEB with your blog:
    Did like your FB Page already and you can find me there too:
    Hugs to you,

  4. Great information and yes online sales does take a lot of time. Thanks for sharing all these sites with us. Like the new background! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your information and I loved meeting the donkeys here on your blog! Piper, my horse, sends them a hello and wishes they could all play together.