Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Items and My Thought Process

I got asked the other day about my process in making a "new" item.

Well-- new ideas just come to the oddest times. Sometimes I will see something in wood- and know I can make something similar in fabric.

 Other times.. it is just by happenstance.. Like my snowmen on the spring. I had the springs just sitting there-- thinking that I would put a stuffed crow on them or something. I ignored them and started working on these stuffed snowmen I have been making for about 5 yrs.. and I put the snow head on top of the spring as a drying rack.. and Realized-- OMG__ it can be a snowman too. Because there is that theory out 'there' that ANYTHING can be a snowman.

(this is what I came up with)
Also, when I am planning in my head and on paper- do a google search to make sure I am not unintenially copying anyone. I do know there are similar.. but nothing exactly like mine. I do know that Great minds do think a like and it is feasible that someone across the state or country or in the next town, thinks like me.
I do keep a notebook by my bed and another by my PC and another in my sewing room-- you never know when you will think of something.
And I do have to say these Snows are good sellers for me.. so.. that is always nice.
How do you come up with new ideas? Anything thoughts to share?
Happy Crafting!

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