Monday, November 19, 2012

I Can Make That..

At a craft show -- it is not uncommon to hear someone say- softly or in a whisper to a friend.. "I can make that". 
So... they probably can make that. I was just on Linked In and other vendors are all bent out of shape because they overhear something similar.

What is the big deal? I have said it. I probably can make what you do... but will I? I am not sure. I hardly have time to clean my home let alone make something of yours to save myself a couple of dollars.

I would caution crafters to stop letting comments like this go to your head. I have always said that my customer can probably sew as well as I can-- maybe even better.. But she does not have time time or energy to make it. (That is where I come in!). I do get comments like ' I sew too, your stitching is wonderful' etc.. They generally buy from me.. and if they don't... I am really happy with a nice comment from someone who knows what they are talking about. It is okay.

I wonder... that I think the difference is-- I am not banking this weeks groceries on making a sale. I can certainly use the money that my selling brings... but I won't starve with out it. I really do let their comments roll off my shoulders and get on with it. My day is too short to worry about whether a customer can make what I do. I am sewing-- it is not rocket science. If you like my work and buy from me...Great! and if you don't-- it is okay. And if you go home and make what I do-- okay-- I doubt you will be at my next craft show selling what I sell.

Can you tell me that you have never looked at something somewhere.. and went home and made your version of it?... I have done that. It is okay. And if by chance you decide that I am just selling something so well-- that you feel the need to copy me and sell it for less... then knock your socks off! You are not my friend and I realistically can't stop you. I know what sells for me and I know my price points. And I have been to plenty of shows where someone has similar for less money and I still have sales-- so while it is annoying-- it is ok.

I am really sick of the complainers out there-- the vendors, I mean. Too many complain about so many things. I say-- make what you make and make the best product you can.. charge what you charge and stop worrying what the other person is charging or making.  Just do your own thing.

And... really if you need to make a sale to make your car payment or pay the mortgage or feed your kids.. then I would get a 9-5 job and do this as a hobby. It is the rare person who can make what they would at a 9-5 job. So much less stress and craziness!

Try not to let the thoughtless comments of others dampen your spirit. It is just so not worth it.

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  1. I've said that a lot myself, but never with any possibility of the crafter hearing me. That would be rude. Truth is, I will probably never get around to making it anyhow, because I do other things. So, if I have the money and I want it, I buy it anyhow. I KNOW I will never make a quilt larger than 4x4 inches.

    Deborah's Creative Corner