Thursday, October 25, 2012


Don't "they" say to never discuss Politics or Religion with strangers? I agree.

What is the point? Someone will disagree with you and then you will be in a heated discussion about the good and bad of your/their candidate... There is no point, to me. For those who have decided.. you are not going to change their mind, no matter how hard you want them to see your point.

And especially, I don't want to get into it with a potential customer. I can see that if I endorsed one candidate... and a customer who was totally against the one I chose.. decides to buy someplace else... I listen to friends who are that passionate about their candidate and they have told me. they would not purchase from someone who was pro the person they were against. Childish-- yes... but not one that I am willing to explore.

So, as I see those on Facebook talking and supporting their candidate... I wonder. I just don't. I really can't wait for the election to just be over with so we can just get on with life.

Just my thoughts...

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