Thursday, October 4, 2012


Branding... and how I am learning to Brand myself (more).

I needed to qualify that statement. I have always believed and tried to keep an online presence as my business and not my real name. My name doesn't mean anything to anyone, but me. My personal name is not my business. I don't want it to be. I try to keep my name off of all the gazillon sites I belong to. It doesn't always work..places like Facebook.. have my name. So, it is out there.. But I prefer to keep my Brand as my business name. I have a local following as The Homespun Loft... not as my personal name. Not many care what that is.

And then there is branding by way of labelling. That is what I have been working on. And I seriously never thought to much about it.. until recently.

I am now printing my own labels and putting them in almost all of my items. Some items I still can't figure how best to add a tag without making the item look less. (lol).

This is one thing I have been doing and so far so good... They are easy to print with my printer... the instructions are on the back.. they don't fray. They print permanent.
I can use them as they are... I just use an address label program I have. Or sometimes, I back them with Wonder-Under or similar and make them into an iron-on.

And when possible- like my wall hangings I use a permanent fabric pen and just write my business name on it. That works too.

 I do know there are Etsy sellers also creating and selling labels.. these work for me- since I have different labels-- depending on the item.
Got any other suggestions??

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  1. I agree with using the business name always. I do the same thing. I want people to know my business name. It is interesting about the labels. Thanks for sharing this. :)