Saturday, August 4, 2012

A New Interview with CindyStyles

CindyStyles is a fairly new shop on etsy and a new friend. Cindy crochets and does a lovely job at it. Wait until you see her shop! She has some really pretty things and her prices are very reasonable for all the work she does.

I asked her some questions and this is what she had to say:

My mom first taught me to crochet about a hundred years ago, OK maybe 35 years....but
1. The first item that I made and (kind of) sold was a scarf, made in SU colors to my husbands Aunt "T". She came to my house for a visit one day, saw my finished product, and just had to have it. She wrote out a check, (for much more than I would EVER charge) and made me take it. The next day, I sent her a "thank you for getting me motivated" card, along with her check BACK TO HER..... and I've been going strong ever since!

2. I love all YARN. I can spend hours in yarn stores just looking at (and feeling) all of the textures and mixtures out there now! HOURS!

3. I am a quiet person. I keep much to myself, no not get much into this "social networking" stuff. I have a perfect family, small circle of great friends, I love my craft, and greatful that my hands are still working. I would love to carry the tradition of this craft onto the next generation, but I fear that these traditions are a dying art!

4. CindyStyles is a name my husband came up with. Just a cute little catchy (I thought) way to summarize what I do. I consider myself a "general" crafter.

5. I love the rainbow colored items that I have in my shop. They are really fun, and the photos do not do them justice. I have several pieces that I wear to various places (my hubby is a former dead head) so when I wear them, I always get compliments, and some sales too! I also love the mohair vintage off-white victorian pieces.... they are very soft and they make me feel "girly" when I wear them. My dish towel/cloths are also handy, but not very "girly". They also are fun to give as gifts.

Cindy didn't give me any links to her items-- so, I went looking on my own.

                                                     rainbow sparkle hair clip

I chose what I think Cindy was talking about and added ones that I really like too. I really like her whole shop!
Cindy is not big into the internet.. But she does need followers to her Etsy shop--CindyStyles and she needs to be added to circles too. Please make sure to help her out!

Thanks for reading today!


  1. Wow, those wraps are amazing! Beautiful work.

  2. Lovely! Wishing I could crochet about now... but it's just easier to buy from Cindy!

    (found you on the Etsy Blog team)

  3. Oh my those are amazing. I do alot of chocheting, but nothing that amazing! :)

  4. Thanks to all for your wonderful comments!!! Especially thanks to Linda for her help and support!! I hope to meet up with her soon!