Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Balancing Act

Every day selling for me is a Balancing Act. I am an Etsy seller (you all know that) and I think you also know that I sell my things in some gift shops around NYS.  

On Etsy I sell mostly my Pet line of goods. And in my gift shops I sell Quilted items and my Home Goods line. And there are a couple of shops that want the pet things. (Not so much the other way round-lol). 

I always tell the shopkeepers up front that I sell on Etsy. I do my best Not to be competition for myself. My prices are low on on purpose.. My goals are more about actually selling items and making money in the process than they are to just sell one thing everyone once in while for lots of money. (which is nice to be sure, but I have fabric addiction and lots of fabric to move out for room for more!).

I try to price my items affordable. I want repeat customers.  And it is working for me. I should not and will not justify my prices to anyone. (rest assured that I am getting paid for my time and supplies). It annoys me to no end the sellers who have sour grapes and feel the need to figure out why someone would say charge $25.00 for a baby quilt--vs the $250. they are charging! (yes, those prices are out there). And they are not nice to other sellers for charging less. Peace people.

I have friends who routinely call and email me ideas to make. (Yikes) They only see one side of my selling. So, either they send pet items or home items. I think it is important for my business to try not to overlap. I do sometimes, overlap that is. I really like selling in shops and don't want to mess that up. (and I am lovin' Etsy too) I don't want those customers to go to Etsy to "get a deal".  I keep my shop prices comparable with Etsy customers who pay shipping.

I don't sell most of my home goods items on Etsy. I went through my list of items that I routinely make for the shops-- there are 75 items on that list!!  That said- some of you know I am a team leader for the QQQ  (Quilts,Quilts,Quilts) Team, so I have begun to list some Quilty items in my shop- to fit in with the team.

 I have items in my Etsy shop that I can't give away at the shops- but they sell like mad on line! And there are items in the shops that sell very well for me, but I hardly sell at all on line. It is sorta funny in an odd way. I suspect that there are some of you who have similar experiences with either shops or craft shows. A Balancing Act for sure.

Are you also doing a Balancing Act?


  1. WOW you sound like me! Yes, I do a balancing act in the summers. Local markets vs Etsy. It is pretty easy for me to keep the two separate as most of my local merchandise is geared towards the visitors in our area. Only a few items overlap and I always have to make sure I deactivate them when I do a show since they are OOAK. Sounds like you are doing a good job with your "balancing act". Keep up the good work!

  2. Why certain things sell in one place and not another is a mystery. At shows I sell on average 25-30 magnetic bookmarks. The last one I sold online was maybe last November! Who knows?!

  3. I have a problem that I live on the yacht and travel... I'm not allowed to 'work' in the countries I visit so I can't go out and put up a stand to sell my work :-p I know that they would sell like hot cakes that way. Online I hardly have any sales.. this year has been bad for me... I think I've sold 3 items ... so I'm trying a new angle.. unfortunately not on etsy but on Spoonflower.. I write about it on my blog... and have put the latest up on the QQQ team's thread for blogs... but I'm also going to put my spoonflower url here for you all to visit.. hope you don't mind Linda :-)
    Please feel free to leave a comment...scroll to the bottom of the page that the individual design is on and you'll see a comments box...

    1. It's fine Sylvie.. I hope you get more sales from it.