Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shop Stats

Want more sales?
Check Your Shop Stats-- and follow their lead...

I join most every web site that shows up in my Etsy shop stats. And recently LinkedIn has shown up. Besides the fact that this month, I got invitations from 2 people who I had done business with in the past, but don't have any contact with these days.

LinkedIn... well I put it off, but I did just sign up there. Since I did, I have been getting 2-5 hits a day... and it has not even been 2 wks. I would say with that tho, I would NOT give them my password to my email. ('so they can check to see if anyone you know has an account there'.... really- you can easily check that yourself).
I also created an email account- just for that site. (basically because they keep getting hacked into) I don't need them messing with my good email. You do have to use your real name to sign in-- probably so people you know can find you and not everyone knows my business name. The potential is there for lots of people to see your work. There are also Groups to join there. And you get to favorite others and make comments. And it is full of business people- people to help you grow your business.

Joining the sites that show up in your Shop Stats.. I think it's important...I have written about this before. I get a lot of hits from different dog groups. I joined them. I have GSDs-- but I also belong to the Pug group and Golden Retriever group...because someone there keeps checking out my shop. When you join these forum type groups-- you can generally put in a link to your shop and even post pix of your items.

Just food for thought...

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