Friday, May 18, 2012

The Same Ol' Thing

There is a saying out "there" that says something like--
If you always do what you have always done- then you should expect to get what you have always got.

I thought about this saying this morning while I was working out... It is no secret to those that know me that I really need to loose a good 15#, maybe even 20# for good measure. So, I added 5# to my weights and 5 minutes more to my cardio. And sure I might not be able to move my arms tomorrow- but...I think it will help. 

But then I was thinking about other things... Like my etsy shop. I really have no complaints about it.. but what if  I changed things up a little. Instead of charging $8.00 for something- would 50 cents really hurt me? How about trying $7.50 for something and see what happens. I look for a bargain when I shop and I am sure others do it too.

I have some things that have hit a slump.. They have sold very well all along and in the last few months, not so much. I think we all have that issue. Maybe change things.. a little.. tweek them.

What about applying this theme to your friends? or your drive to work or your spouse/kids? Your general attitude on life? I think that a little change is good.. Not a lot, since for me- I like the status quo. My life is good.

But just thinking about the little things that I can change and see what happens. You can always go back- it is doesn't work.. You are the one in charge.


  1. Sweetie I`m watching your blog for a while! Maybe you wanna follow each other? just announce me :X

  2. It's always good to try new ideas! I add new things to my shop all the time that I think are going to be a hit and they are not (and vice versa!) I think you have a great attitude about change and you are right...why not! like you said, you can always change it back if it does not work but it is worth a try!