Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homefront Goings On

My infrequent Donkey posting.

 Donkeys are great-- Lilliebean and Murphy just celebrated their birthdays last week. We don't have their exact DOB, but it is the day they got their forever home with us. Lillie is 6 and Murphy is 4. Lillie is a pig with her hay and it shows, so this summer we are hoping she slims back down. Murphy is growing and he is a little taller than last year. They are still a very manageable size and are considered small standards. We don't know who the baby's father was.. but Morgan is as tall as her brother- she will be 2 in August. ( just hoping it was not the Mammoth Donkey they were hanging with when we bought them!).

Lilliebean (6)

Murphy (4)

These guys spend their days with the yearling calves in 2 large Corrals...Herding them! It is pretty funny to watch. The calves for the most part are petrified of the donkeys and the Donkeys know it! Thank goodness everyone is pretty laid back and only occasionally will you see Murphy chase a calf...mostly  when he has not been outside for a day-- he gets stir crazy and lets off steam. And sometimes the calves get brave and chase him and then you can see them all playing. Just wait to see what happens this summer when they are all loose in a field!

It is birthing season here... Morgan and Lillie are typical girls and are quite taken with the baby calves. Murphy could care less. We had a baby calf try to nurse off  Lillie  yesterday-- we were not sure how they would handle that- but it went well. The donkeys are very gentle with the babies.

1st Calf of the Season... Blue Boy (4 days old)
So far mostly boys and only 2 girls. Lots more to go. But everyone is nursing and healthy- which is a miracle here. Every year we end up with at least 1 bottle fed baby.

And hopefully this is a sign that the rest of the births will go well and all the mothers will mind their babies and everyone will be healthy.

This afternoon-- the sky was filled with cloud Crosses. This was the biggest one. I counted 4 of them. They were Crosses and not X's--see the placement of the cross bar. Very cool. They were in every direction. A sure Sign.

Hoping all is right in your corner of the world!


  1. Those two little ones are so cute!! We use to have mules and they were a handful so I am sure these are also. :)

  2. How adorable your donkeys are. I have thought about adopting a burro from the blm. Are donkeys as bad around kids and dogs as mules can be. We have to molly mules. One I have to start breaking and the other is broke to pack and ride. These are ok with kids but will go after the dogs so don't know how they would be around a calf. They shared a common fence with my foal pen tho.

    1. We keep our dogs away from the Donkeys-- Donkeys are a dogs natural enemy-- they will kill a dog. There is no point in scaring either one. Best to keep them seperated.
      We have donkeys to help keep the cows safe from Coyotes.

      Our donks are good with people. I work with them daily. Calves/Cow are laid back creatures...and so are the donkeys. They all get along. Read my other posts about the donks with the calves. All is fine here. I would not worry about them with the calves or big cows.

  3. Your donkeys sure are cute. My driving instucter had two mini donks in to be trained to drive as a pair. My friend has two donkeys and 4 search and rescue dogs and 8 or so service dogs in training. Also 4 horses and a cat who teaches puppies not to chase cats. She has never said anything about the donkeys bothering the dogs, or the dogs bothering the donkeys.