Thursday, February 9, 2012

I need (want) another Sewing Machine...and so...

Well-- As you may know I have a lot of fabric. (and I mean a real lot-- enough to be on a hoarding show!). I also have decided that I need /want to get a sewing machine that I can leave on my Little Gracie quilt frame 24/7. Now I have to take my good machine on and off of it, depending on what I am doing. The machine I am thinking about is not cheap.. but not as pricey as it could be either. I decided if I made 20-25 lap quilts and sold them- then they would pay for the new machine without guilt on robbing my meager savings account.

I have no time frame- just this year for sure. I have started and I will list some for sale on Etsy. Most will go into my shops.
 Here is the first one I made this week. I still can't decide on a backing. Do I go with the pink (it is a Hoffman Raspberry Batik) or the Black Kona? I have no idea where I bought the White and Black Flannel fabric and I have no more of that.
 What do you think? Black tends to collect lint, so I am leaning towards the Raspberry.... and then binding it in the Black Kona. I have a 3 inch border in the Black Kona on it. Done it will be about 42 by 50 inches. A small lap.
 I am pretty much taking my big pieces of fabrics-- the 5 to 7 yard pieces and they are my backings with some for the front and creating from there. I am really not a scrappy type quilter. It is so hard for me to make a scrap quilt, but I am going to try. I have EQ7, so I design a lot in that and find other ideas on line and I own about 30 quilt books, and even more quilt magazines. And as always, I am trying to shop in my own supply before I go to the fabric store. But this Raspberry is new because with all my fabrics- I just do not have Pinks or Roses! (go figure).

I have already started #2 and in my head am planning #3.


  1. That is a great quilt, and I like your idea of the raspberry backing and black border. The black border will really bring it out.

  2. Your quilt looks lovely. Raspberry and black sound beautiful together.

    (I need (want!) another sewing machine as well.)

  3. I'm awarding you a Versatile Blogger Award:

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    Stitch Silly

  4. Andrea- thanks! That is really nice of you. I am working on my responses now and will post later this week.

  5. We all seem to have stashes of so many materials. Your quilt is lovely and I agree with everyone else- raspberry background with black trim sounds really nice.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up. I am definitely going to return the favor.

  6. I just love quilts and I have so much admiration for quilters for their patience because I know if can be a time consuming project. I love the design of this quilt.

    Thanks for linking up at my Monday blog hop!


  7. What beautiful work. I wish I was talented with sewing and quilting. I might be one day, but for now I haven't learned the art of it. It is on my 40 things to do before I'm 40 list though. I best get busy with it! Lol!