Friday, February 3, 2012

New Shops & Donkey news

I often get asked how I find my gift shops... in fact I got asked today. It is not anything special.
Use your phone book and stop at any shop that has the word "gift" in their name and stop and ASK. I carry one of those little photo albums with me-- one for my pet items and one for my homey items and depending on the venue show one or both.
Do not be offended if they say no-- it is their shop-- they can do as they please. Move on to the next one. Be prepared when you stop, be friendly and have either pictures or a sample of your work. I carry both in the back of my SUV. Don't stop if you look like a hag that day-- come back when you are having a better day. 1st impressions do count.
Some are a good experience and some are so-so.  I have always gotten paid. Sometimes it takes some work to get my things back. But eventually, I get them back. It makes you wonder sometimes, how these people conduct business. I can tell when there is a problem- if the shop owner doesn't return my calls/emails and when I ask what sold.. and they say like 2 things... C'mon-- My things sell- so don't tell me that only 1 thing sold in like 3 mos...unless you put them in a cupboard. At that point is when I just say--" you know if they are not selling, then I would like them back" and I start the process to end it.
Just have fun with it and use your best judgement. Sometimes it is the ones that you don't think anyone will ever find.. are the ones that you do the best at.
And on a personal note... Murphy is loosing his baby teeth! It would have had me calling the vet-- if I had not gotten a Donkey book for Christmas ( and was just reading about their teeth). So who knew that they lost their baby teeth? Well, realistically- probably every baby in all species loose their baby teeth. It is not something that I ever thought about. His big boy teeth are coming in.

Have a great week!

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