Thursday, January 26, 2012

To the Ignorant...

I would like to thank the ignorant low-lives who dropped off the kitten.. He was adorable.  He purred non-stop. He had the greenest eyes. I am so glad he found me. I wish it was sooner.

 He was skin and bones-Starving, with worms and who knows what else... he was so sick, there was nothing to be done. I am the one to make the decision to put him to sleep. That tiny life who had no chance. I am the one who had to say goodbye and I am the one who cried for him. 

I have no idea what goes through your mind when you drive by my home and see that I have a barn and think- what? the leftover kitten who has been in my home- will just instinctively know how to fend for himself? that he will know how to defend himself against coyotes-- Who EAT cats for food.. really?? I would love to know.

The temps at night are freezing...but do you think about that? What.. you think my farm animals will cuddle with a kitten? Heck, they might step on him without even realizing. 

And there is my cost-- You don't know my income... it could be as bad as yours.. but you don't care...I will be taking your cat to the vet and paying what has to be paid to make him whole. I believe in shots and spaying. And if I have to work extra for the money to pay for it- I will. 

I get that you might have lost your job and can't feed your human children.. I do not get starving and abandoning a cat (or any pet). I would be willing to bet that every vet in the world has come to work at some time and found a box with kittens in it. You could have done that. You could have even knocked on my door and asked me to take your kitten- I would have. Rather than have you just dump it.

I believe in Karma.. What you do in this world affects you forever. There is no reason to be given to abuse or abandon a Pet (or a child). I also believe that there is a section in Hell reserved just for you.


  1. I am so sorry that happened. I have cats of my own and have found and taken many strays, I wish people wouldn't have animals if they don't want to see it through. Hugs for trying to help the poor thing.

  2. I believe in Karma too, and yours is good. I agree with you totally and cannot understand how our society has always been geared towards acceptance of cruelty. I think it comes from anciety biblical stuff (but I'm not a bible scholar) but I do know from history that Christianity (and surely other faiths) taught long ago that women and animals had no soul.

    As sad as this is, at least this little babe had you there in the end for love, comfort and support. My heart goes out to you both, and you're both in my thoughts.


  3. Ugh, this is just the worst. I can't believe how thoughtless people can be. You are amazing for doing what you could do. Poor little thing.

  4. That is so very very sad. I am glad that the kitten was dumped at your place so you could be there for him. (hugs)

  5. It makes me sick how many people think that animals are disposable! Pets are here for us to love and in return they love us. Why do people get animals if they are not going to take care of them? To look at them? To say they own them? Why??? I can completely relate to you, I live on a farm, and we often have dogs and cats dropped off here.

    Just to share: I am a Christian and have never been taught that women do not have souls. I know no where in the Holy Bible that teaches this either.

  6. It happens to me here so often. Sadly, we usually don't find them until they are dead of starvation and exposure as they are too terrified to come out of hiding. The last kitten I did manage to find had been on our property for about 2 weeks. I knew he was around but could never find him until one day I noticed one tiny white paw sticking out of the wood pile. It took me 3 hours to coax him out. Poor tiny mite was so thin, tick and flea covered, and bloated with worms. It took a lot of money at my vet's that we don't have but he's healthy and happy and loved now. Usually, the outcome is not good. Big (((HUG))) to you.

  7. Tisha - I would like to say that I don't know the bible, rather, I am a history buff. I know that the ancient Christian thought that women and animals having no soul goes back to the time of King Ferdinand of Spain (and probably Old Testament). I am a product of Christian parents (although not a practicing religious person) and my comment certainly wasn't intended to offended anyone. Having said that, I have met too many people that believe that God put animals on this earth for man to do whatever man wishes with them, no matter how cruel or inhumane. A thought personally I do not believe in. I do not believe the Divine would ever condone that behavior. I also know many people of faith that would never harm any living creature (and to me, that is truly living up to the "standards" of the Divine).

    I really wish there were programs available to people that rescue that would help subsidize the expenses they encounter in doing something admirable and out of the kindness of their heart. I, too, have rescued and paid to save abandoned kitties, and while sitting in animal hospitals, have met others doing the same. I live in CA, where we are a liberal state, but some things probably should be reined in. For example, pet owners should be really FORCED to spay and neuter and that is a law that is being battled here.

  8. to the ignorant - i love it!!!!! that's exactly what people are who hurt animals. thanks for speaking out.

  9. That is really sad :( I love kitties so much and I don't see how someone could be so heartless. There are other options if you can't keep your pet. I don't know why they didn't know that. I'm glad that the kitty's last moments were with you; someone kind and loving.

  10. Cathouseprints-I was offended because I felt your comment was prejudice. There are many different variations of Christianity as there are colors of skin. We all can't be lumped under the same view.

    I am not a history buff, but I do know what I believe and why I believe it. If you look up the definition of "Christian"-a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Jesus did not teach any of which you have stated, if fact he loved and reached out to all...which included women who were prostitutes. There are many religions who claim to be Christian, but do not fall under the above definiton. The king you spoke of may have claimed to be "Christian", but sounds as though he followed his own leading and not that of the Holy Bible. I found no where in the Old Testament of your claims either.

    Jesus commands us to love one another. I love people, especially those different from keeps life and conversations interesting. I believe each one of us is God created and wonderfully unique in our own way. I also believe God blessed us with our wonderful pets. They are to loved and care for (properly). It makes me severely angry at the mistreatment of animals and humans. I agree that pet owners should be forced to spay and neuter there pets.

  11. Unbelievable that people do this, but that is how we got our dog and two cats. We too have had to make the same decision that you did, because the original owners decision entailed dropping them by the road side so that they didn't have to be responsible pet owners. Unfortunately some people just shouldn't have animals :\