Thursday, January 12, 2012

Climbing up the Sale Ladder

Well-- I had my 350th sale today!! Yippee. I feel so fortunate.. and I was worried in November of reaching 300 sales by Christmas. ( I reached that goal a couple weeks before Christmas).

   My last 2 sales were for the same thing- different colors. So, I will get cracking and make more of them and get maybe 10 listed shortly. They are a new size for me... of my cuddler beds.

  Shops are still asking for Spring things and seriously- I am having a mental block on what to make that is new. Tonight, I am wandering through all my old magazines to see if  I can find inspiration from them.
  Sometimes, I take something that was designed to be done in wood and make it in fabric. My friend who paints does that in the reverse. Last night I saw a coloring book cat that I am going to make in fabric and see how it goes.

  Weather is getting cold again tonight, you can feel it in the air. Rained today, and maybe snow coming soon. (which is ok-- I live in snow country and it is expected this time of year). But this year is freaky, we have only had 12 inches of snow all season, when we should be at about 80 inches. The change is nice! But know it won't last.

Stay warm,


  1. Congrats on the 350th sale! That's awesome!

  2. Well done on reaching such a level of sales.. can't wait till I reach a high number too! I just love the layout of your blog.
    There is a widgit you can get that will display all your items in your shop in a sort of slide show... you can see it working on my blogs. here is the address to get the widgit
    just in case you'd like it :-D

  3. Congretulation!! for your 350th sales ^^

  4. Congratulations! I can see why. Your items are so cute!

  5. Congrats on your sales. Extremely excited for you.