Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Burr!! It is Cold out

The temps here are in the single digits and the wind chill this afternoon is
-10f .... it is cold.
The donkeys are snug in their big pen in the barn, out of the wind. With lots of hay and warm water. No one will call my guys skinny in the spring!!

I am "cleaning" my sewing room and purging and listing some fabrics that I just do not want anymore up for sale on my etsy shop 2. (www.HomespunTales.etsy.com). I need to sort out and clean before I can get it messy again to start sewing for spring.

And while it is cold outside...my shops are calling for Spring things. I have some ideas of new things to make that I just have to sit down an create. I will share them- as soon as I have something done. I am trying to find ideas for spring quilted wall hangings.

I am a firm believer of  bringing back items that I used to sell even 10 yrs ago and revamping them and selling them now as new things. I think if they sold way back then- then they will again and you catch a whole new generation who have never seen them and now they are new to them. What with new fabrics out there, it is easy to take an old idea and make it fresh again.

Do you have something that was such a big seller for you that you can redo and make it new again? Like those Muslin Bunnies that a lot of us sold? Remember those days? I think I made 1000 of them back then! Umm--- I might start with her and see what I can come up with.

Stay warm...


  1. Oh my gosh, I *had* a muslin bunny! Never made it but it was a gift to me. I love it. :)

    -10 degrees? Dang I feel for you. We're about 20* here and I'm starting to complain already. lol

    (Stopping by from the etsy blog team)

  2. cleaning, that's a novel idea for me, and a good reminder to clean up my craft room to allow room for creativity, and not clutter! Found you via Etsy blog team :)


  3. I just did a post about this--sort of--today too! I'm thinking about a new twist on a good seller. But I didn't think about something from a few years back! Good thought!

  4. P. S. I think your homespuntales link is wrong. I didn't get anything. shouldn't it have "etsy" in it?

  5. I've recently purchase lots of fabric and have it stacked all over my studio trying to decide where I want to start. I probably need to clean out some of my older fabrics.

    I started making my Wienie line several years ago, selling lots of them. I use to make them primitive, with different fabrics, and brushing them in a coffee/cinnamon formula. I have recently brought them back, making them similar but different. They are selling great again.

  6. I cleaned and sorted my sewing room also. Too cold to do anything outside. I would love to see pictures of your bunnies!

  7. We had 51 here today in WI, however, it is over as of tomorrow. Suppose to be cold and snowy!