Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Target Audience.. is there such a thing?.

I see this question on some of my Etsy forums. Some want to make sure that their target audience has lots of money and will pay top dollar for what they have to offer.
I believe that a lot of my customers most likely can sew as well as I can. I think for the most part they just do not have the time or energy to make it themselves and they come to me.  Mostly female. She knows the price of fabric as well as I do.  She is looking for Quality work at a fair price.
My customer is at home in Walmart,Target & Kmart and the Rescue Mission... or in BonTon & Penneys. Might have a corporate job that pays well or no job at all. It does not matter. I get a lot of referrals and repeat customers.
I am not so much worried about targeting any one group. I really just want to maintain my quality work and have people come check out my shop and come back again and again. ( and bring their friends!).

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