Thursday, December 8, 2011


So many of my forum mates are having a hard time with sales.
They ask for critiques... which I think is a slippery slope. I don't want people telling me what they don't like about my shop.... so I rarely respond to that sort of thing about others. No one wants to hurt anyone's feelings and I can see that happening easily.

However, I do not have a problem talking about it here.! So, I am starting a series to talk about what I see.

One thing that I see-- Avatars... they should represent what you sell or what you are trying to say... Not a picture of you and your boyfriend/husband. And not a picture of yourself-- these selling sites are not a dating thing. What you look like does not matter to me and should not matter to others.

 I think it is a judgement call if you are selling Kids items and Pet items- then maybe your Child or Pet would be good. Otherwise, find something that represents your shop.
You are presumably marketing your craft-- this is one of the first things people look at-- they want to look at the Avatar and know pretty much what the shop is about.

I think with my Purple Paw.. you would understand I sell Pet items... I think with my other avatars- you get what I am promoting.

I think these social media sites have got people confused. I do not need to know what you look like to purchase something from you. In fact my avatar on facebook is a quilt. People don't need to know what I look like. My friends already know.

What do you think?


  1. I agree also. My avatar is the same as my shop logo on my banner. For me, it's all about "brand identity". It took me a while to decide what to use. I don't plan on changing it. I want it to be recognized from here on out.

  2. Perhaps you are right, but people do like to know who you are dealing with when they buy from you. I looked at a few top sellers' shops. Their own image appears there.... But you may be right too of course!

    1. Well--I respect your toughts and thank you for making them and leaving a comment here.
      I just don't think it matters what someone looks like. I think feedback is for "who you are dealing with". I think the sellers who have the big sales- have it for a reason- they have a good product for a good price. What they look like is not why they sell well.