Sunday, December 11, 2011

Etsy Banners..and How to Make Them

My thoughts on Banners for your Etsy shop are that they should also "say" something. I think that your shop name is important in them. I think they are an extension of your shop, like a book- your title page.

I saw one the other day- this girl is selling bath soaps etc and her banner was just water. It was pretty water, but it did not add to her shop. It didn't even frame her shop page. Another I saw today was a white backround with meaniful words so tiny and blurred that I had no idea what a couple of them said.. the one that said "faith" looked like "fettish"-it was so blurred. And she was selling knitted items like hats and scarves. That did not make sense to me at all.

I think that maybe save your religious, political and personal views for someplace other than the banner of your shop-- Unless, that is what your shop is about. And put your  Shop name in the banner area.

OH- and here is a lesson on how to actually do an Etsy banner. It is Soooo Easy.

1)  First off- I have a program in my computer that came with my camera that lets me edit photos and add words etc. So, that is the easy way to do it. Take the picture, resize it to 760px by 100px, add words to the new size and save it. Go back to etsy and browse your computer file where the resized picture is and you have a new banner.

2) In your Computer (I will talk about for Windows 7 as that is what I have):
 Go into your Libraries folder.
 Find a picture that you want to use.
 RIGHT click on the picture,
From that menu click EDIT with a left click and it brings you to PAINT with the picture in it.
 Up on the top of the page is a menu and one of the buttons says "Resize".
 Left Click on Resize button. In the menu that come up-- It should says "Resize & Skew".. click the circle that says Pixels,
 Uncheck the box that says "Maintain Aspect Ratio". Fill in the Horizontal to read 760 and the Verticle to read 100. Click OK.
(And not always will the picture you chose be the right one for this look, it is trial an error). If it looks wrong, exit out-- do NOT save it and start over.

Now you are back to the Paint screen.. and your picture is there- squashed.
 To the right of where  the resize button it... there is a Large 'A" in a box.
 Left Click on the A and then if you don't get a box on your picture-Left click anywhere on your now squished photo and you will get an empty box to put your words into.

 Experiment-- you can choose a transparent backround or an opague one. You can choose your Font and the size of your font. (Look to the left in the menu bar and pull down the menus for size and fonts.) Choose the color of your font from the colors that you see to the right of the fonts. And type-- in the box. (make the box bigger by putting your cusor in the corners of the box and dragging it bigger or taller).
When you are happy with what you wrote...Click to exit out and a prompt will ask you if you want to save or not. Save it and there you have New Banner.

3)You can also go into any of the free online Photo Editing web sites and do the same thing. (picnik,picasa,photoshop etc)

4) You can contact me through this blog or my Etsy shop and I can help you and so this is not opening a door I can not close... If needed I will make banners for the first 10 Etsy shops that can't figure this out on their own.

It is really very simple to do on your own. Just print off this page and have it next to your computer when you try it.. and remember to convo me-- if you still need help.
Good luck all!


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