Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back from Crazy Town

Hello.... Again,

I realize that I have not blogged in a month. I am back now. Always the first 3 wks of  November are insane for me. I generally overbook myself and take those 3 wks to play catch up.

I now have my Quilty/Gifty/Pet items in 16 gift shops and groomers. I have 2, that I should have shipped to last week. I have 2 more that have asked to stop in and show them what I have to sell. And Etsy 1+2 to sell on. Which I have to say-- I am quite pleased about.. I have been getting regular sales on both of them. I also have a pile of things to sell on Ebay which I may or may not get to.

Last night I did a home party with 7 other vendors in this girl's home. It was a Great night for me. I really did not have much in the way of my home goods to sell- So I pretty much emptied my Etsy 1 Shop and brought them. It worked out alright. Not many mentioned that I didn't have my regular ( I have done parties at this home before) wall hangs and lap quilts. And I sold pretty good! My Etsy 1 shop is mostly Pet items.

Part of my problem is-- and I am not complaining, just explaining about the craziness- Is that the supply I made most of last year.. Is GONE. Sold... which is great. But that means replacing it for the shops and the Internet shops. And I do have a life, so as much as I want to sew more-- I still have to do household things and someone has to grocery shop and laundry etc. I suppose I should vacuum...

Since I am back.. I think I need to check the forums I belong to and catch up on the posts that I should have been making... I still have to sew to resupply my shops that are calling for more.. but the Bigger pressure is off since the home show is done and I am Not doing any craft shows this fall (except there is one small one that looks like fun but I can pay the day of... and only if I have supply for it--lol)..

Have a great weekend!

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