Sunday, October 2, 2011

Something I Heard....

So, this is of concern to me...and maybe others of you selling online.
I was listening to the radio in my car to a national station and the person on was talking about ways to save money this holiday season. She was saying things like to buy early- set your budget and list the names of people/pets to buy for and buy a little every week starting now to be ready and not in a crunch to just buy-- that sounds great. And I personally shop that way for most everything. I try to get a sale and buy throughout the year for gifts. I try to be done with Holiday shopping by Thanksgiving.
She also said to save the receipts and when you see the item that is cheaper closer to Christmas-- then return it for the lower price. I think that is fine in theory But unless it is more than $5.00 cheaper- I probably won't return it. Too much of a hassle for me.
**The thing she said in her talk that bothered me and should bother others selling on line is -- to wait until mid Dec and go back to the online seller and Tell then that you would now like a deal on the item you bought weeks ago-- OR you will return the item. She figures that most on line sellers- and she Mentioned Ebay and Etsy in her speel-- She thinks that the sellers would rather give you a discount rather than get the item back as any sort of a sale is better than no sale.
And I am here to say-- Send me back my item then. Because I am in business to make money. I am not a tag sale. I feel like my personal prices are fairly low and I would rather have my item back and sell it to someone who cares about it then leave it with you.
I think this is what Ebay is promoting with their new policy that starts in Jan- about giving your customer 30 days to return an item. So, now your customer can return and item for whatever reason they want- like buyer remorse. Quality will  have nothing to do with it anymore. They could buy a book- read it- decide that the $10. they paid for it was outrageous for a book that they hated and ask for a refund. No questions asked.  You can still tell your customers No Refund. Which I will have to do there-. And hope that someone actually finds my sales there, because you have to believe that those of us who say no refund will be put at the end of the pile for exposure.

What do you think?  Where do you sell? Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Wow... people are really getting scary to me. Any business needs to make a profit to stay in business. A good deal or a fair price are great but to plan to return an item to get a lower price is almost deceitful.

  2. It *is* deceitful. It is also unethical. You purchased the item at a specific price. You have no right to expect to get a "deal" on it *after* you purchased it. Frankly, why do you think stores put on their coupons that they cannot be applied to past purchases? Because they know that people will try to do it otherwise. Ridiculous.

    If it is past the 30 day for returns window in my shop, I would simply tell them that I am sorry but the sale is now final. My policy on returns is clearly stated on my shop. :)

  3. I can see doing this at the big box stores, but if this catches on for handcrafted stores like ours, it could put most of us out of business. I really don't agree with Etsy doing the 30 day thing either, but I guess to stay at the top of the heap, we are going to end up changing our return policies. It is getting harder and harder to run a business these days :/

  4. I would SO love to know who that was and what show it was on!

  5. I think it was CNN-- I was changing the channels on my car radio and caught it.

  6. I am saddened by the thought someone who effectively cheat a seller. I myself have been a victim of this on ebay some time ago then I found etsy a lot friendlier here. I hope it doesnt come here as I put my heart and soul into my items and I would end up selling them elsewhere, I would have a stall but due to bad health I am unable to do this. I wish you all a good christmas and hope that you never have this happen to you.

  7. That is ridiculous about what Ebay is doing. I guess I won't bother to be selling on there anymore. I have in my information on Etsy that I will accept a return if the item is in the condition I sent it. I have the right to refuse a refund if I get it in bad condition. And the buyer has to pay return shipping. Hopefully no one will ever want to return anything but at least I am covered if they want to. People just want something for nothing these days. It is so sad.