Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Dog and Food Issues

I am not sure exactly when it happened... But apparently my dogs believe if I am not eating fast enough for them-- then it is their right to just bark unitl I give them my food or steal when I am not looking.
To be honest- it is my female who does this. The male knows the words "leave it" and he does. But he is laying not too far away.

Now I grew up with a dog under my feet at the table. I can sneak food to a dog with the best of them without anyone knowing. I don't share my food with the dogs. Since they were little, I would not give them a piece until dinner was done, if at all. I don't have a problem with them licking the plates clean (I have a dishwasher). My dh is another story. He didn't grow up with a dog in the house and he shares his food throughout the meal. I tried to warn him- and now he has 2 anxious dogs sitting with him and just watching for anything that might drop. He has no peace. (lol). (They generally ignore me at dinner).

But This... when did that happen??. Granted I am in front of my PC eating which is not the norm. And She is right here as close as she can get...waiting. I am eating Spinach... do dogs even like Spinach??

So, as I shove her away-- wait she is starting to climb on me--- she is 88 pounds!! Ugh...Eeek-- a big gob of drool on my leg-- nice. Go lay down,......Does anyone else have these issues??


  1. It's funny how these things can develop slowly until you suddenly realize it's an issue. I had a very large golden retriever who learned what the words "don't be rude" were, lol. Whenever he was watching me eat my food I'd say don't be rude! and he'd act ashamed and go lie down, lol. didn't work for my husband. He snuck him treats from puppy hood and there was no breaking him from the habit of stalking him while he ate!! I'm a new follower from Aquariann's autumn bog hop :-)

  2. Haha! Yes, you're fair game when eating at a laptop, according to my greyhounds!

    Neither of them bother us at the dining table, but just sometimes, when we have something particularly tasty, I'll have a nose at the edge of my plate when sitting in the armchair.

    So, did you give her some spinach? Did she eat it? I wonder if there was garlic in it because dogs do like garlic.

    Came over from Etsy. :)