Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Shop Worth Checking Out

I belong to Handmade Artist Forum... and Janelle5 is one of the Shops there.

While Janelle5 has left earth. She is still with many in Spirit and her lovely shop is proof of that. She certainly did wonderful things with wood.  I understand that the proceeds of any sales at the shop go to her estate.

Please check out some of these lovely necklaces.
                                                            Purpleheart Necklace

Janelle5 can be found at:
Handmade Artist Forum shop

Thanks for Looking!!


  1. Thanks for posting this; her work really is/was phenomenal!

  2. Jan was a good friend to many HAF members. Thanks for this wonderful post. Her jewelry is beautiful!

  3. Love that Purple Heart Necklace,her work is amazing!

  4. Nice post. She had/has some wonderful pieces. So sad she's gone.

  5. Thank you for posting this, Janelle was very close to us and we are proud to have her items for sale on the Handmade Artists' Shop as it is the least we can do for her estate.