Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 Gift Guide Items $10 or Less

I decided to do a Gift Guide for 2011 for items that are $10. or less. I have seen similar things done on Etsy Forums and decided to try something like it on my blog. I am going to add at least one item a day and see how it goes. I figured out how to make one of my widgets work for this purpose.

So, please keep watching it for more ideas for this Gift Giving season. I am starting out with those of you who follow me and hope this helps bring you all some business. While I am mostly concerned with Etsy shops- I am not limiting my selections there.

I just think in this economy- there are plenty of great items out there for less than $10.00. And you can be sure I will also add in my own items here and there! I say it often-- Networking helps us All!

thanks for looking--- and if you have an idea for me (or a better way to showcase them! I just can't find a widget that works for what I want. I would love to show a picture of the item)-- please let me know!


  1. I think this is a great idea, and I think I'll join in!

    I won't bother with a widget. I'll just post a picture of the item and embed the link into my text in the usual way. People often don't look at widgets in a sidebar.

    I've been starting to look for gifts myself, so I'm sure it'll be popular!

  2. Good idea!
    I'm either making or thrifting all my holiday gifts this year. I've already found this awesome monkey pod bowl for my Mom for only 2 bucks! Score. :)