Monday, September 19, 2011

Buy in America

I think it makes perfect sense to me to Buy American. I was watching the evening news and one of the shows was talking about College kids trying to furnish their dorms with made in America only and having a hard time at it. I think we need to market Etsy to them!

I do my best to buy American. If given a choice I choose Made in USA. I am not always given a choice.
I have a friend who used to be in the textile industry and she remembers taking trips to the southern states to tour fabric corporations. They are not there anymore.
Is it still made in USA if  while I purchase my cotton in a US store- yet the fabric, while carrying the name of an American Corporation is really made in China? Not sure. I am having to overlook that. There is only so many places to purchase fabric.

I believe the current Government Administration that says if we all buy American- then we will create jobs here. There is no reason not to support our own country. And that means in the cars we drive, the food on our tables, and the clothes we wear.  And I also know how hard it is to find clothing made in USA. Food is easy- I go to the farmers market all the time, my neighbor grows lots of veggies to share and we buy organic, USA and I drive a Ford.

I even think that if we all try to substitute one thing every month that we buy that is not made in USA for something similar made in America-- then we would all be better off.
** And while I say buy American, because that is who I am... I fully believe if other countries also bought mostly from their own- they would also be in better shape.

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