Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cricut Fun

Well-- I did it... There was a sale on Cricut's and I got one. Basically because I wanted a cling for my car in my business name and the 3 people I asked to make me one-- just never did. They said they would, took down the information and months went by and they never came up with one- even tho I told them I would pay for it. So.... I bought one- Well Technically... My DH decided-- with eyes lit up-- that he would LOVE to get it for my upcoming birthday. And I said fine- it is a great gift and I have it now.

My sister-in-law has one and has since they came out and she is my expert here. So phone calls back and forth and now I am well versed on cartridges and their prices. And tonight I won my first one on eBay! And I am bidding on more. There is no comparison in price with eBay and with local stores or even online sales. With the ebay ones-- Last night I bid on 10 of them and lost each auction. Tonight I raised my final bid by 5 dollars and won. I am learning the game. There are hundreds of  brand new cartridges for sale there. One ending every couple of minutes. So, here I sit waiting for my sales to end and hope I can win again. (and very thankful that I have Fios for those last second bids!).

So, now I have orders to make others their own window clings... But first I have to figure it all out. Will be playing with this over the weekend. (I will post a pic when I have it done and get your thoughts). I am discovering all the other fun things I can do with it.  (I am not really into scrapbooking even tho I own a ton of scrapbooking papers!). I did find out that I can use it with fabric-- so I am excited to try that!

Do you have a Cricut? What do you make with it that you can share? Do you have any tips that would help me and other Newbies? Any good web sites for ideas? Thanks!

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