Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Follow or NOT to Follow...such decisions.

I have been thinking about this today as I wander on line. I belong to 26 teams (I think) on Etsy and most now offer up their blog accounts and facebook/twitter etc. Of course, everyone wants followers- I do.
 I have found some very nice blogs of others that have my talent and more. Some that make similar to me. Some I can take general ideas and other ways to do the same thing away with me, As they can with mine.
 I tend not to follow those at all. Great minds DO think alike.. But I do not want to be accused of copying someone else's work. ( and that does work both ways, I do know) There are seriously only so many quilt and sewing ideas out there. In my wanderings I have found many who offer up very close to what I also make and sell. I shy right away from their blogs/shops.
And really, I am sure they have wonderful thoughts to share. I try so hard to be original and not use commercial patterns and be true to myself etc, etc. So, this is my quandary- To Follow or Not? What  do you think??? What do you do?


  1. Hi there! I find that I like to follow blogs talk about things that I am interested in as far as decorating, etc. I don't recall following any that make the same things that I do for my shop...I may do that in time. Don't know that it helps to settle your quandary or not :)
    Thank you for your nice post on my blog!

  2. I think following someone who makes things similar to yours wouldn't be an issue at all. There is a saying that there is no original idea, only new perceptions of established ideas. I don't think that is wholly true, but even if someone sells something like yours, you will approach it differently than they will.

    Stopping in from the Etsy blog team :)