Sunday, July 24, 2011

It can just be a little confusing

I am talking about you sellers out there, who see the need to put added items into the picture of your item for sale. STOP... it is not needed and makes it more confusing.

I was just reading a sale on Etsy that was for a wallet.. the shop owner put a stack of done wallets in their primary picture. I had to read the entire post to find out that it was only for 1 wallet. All the pix were of multiple items except the last picture which had the actual wallet that was for sale.

Now I am just annoyed with that seller and won't go back. But there are others-- the ones who are selling -for example-a pottery bowl and feel the need to show me what I can do with the bowl. They sometimes have so much in the bowl that I can't see the bowl itself. Or the ones who have an old book and put a figurine next to or on top of the book-- what is really for sale??

Just let your art sell itself. Certainly talk it up in your ad and if you must, show me a pic on how it is used.... like a Bib or Purse etc. But make that your last picture. Not the one you are using to sell the item with.

I also am tired of seeing words like "the item in the picture is not the exact item you will receive, so the placement of the flowers etc might be different". Come on-- it takes nothing to take a quick pic of the item you are selling to post. I want to buy what I see-- not something else where I can't see the exact placement of the flowers etc.

Then there is a whole other subject of  background colors and lighting. Wow. Keep things simple. Sometimes the background is a lot more interesting than the item that is being sold. I think people try too hard. Try not to put a busy colored item onto a busy background. Your eyes don't know where to look. Sometimes it is better not to use the flash in low light. Experiment.

 Just keep things simple... your Art or  Vintage will sell themselves. I think an interesting short blurb in your ad is better than a crazy busy picture any day. 

Just some of my thoughts on this. My observations come from being an experienced (1300 feedback) eBay seller and selling in my 2 Etsy shops and former Artfire shop.

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  1. That is so true! I just found a shop this morning that had names of all her pieces but didn't say what the actual pieces here, and she had a green necklace hanging in a green tree so on the thumbnail alone you couldn't see what it was she was selling. Hopefully more people will realize this and stop doing it. It's rather frustrating when you're shopping. :)