Sunday, July 17, 2011

Etsy Interveiw Long Overdue

So, I should have done this interview back in May!. I got busy and totally forgot about it. I am here now to rectify it.

Normally when I do an interview. I ask the subject to pick their fave item and tell me why ( in a few short sentences ) and then I also pick something in their shop and talk about it . I also publish all their links and hope that my readers will take the time to also go heart/like/fan their pages.
Armada Volya  is an Artist. I would call it Modern Art. She tends to create items that are not mainstream and that makes them wonderful!  Her art has lots of color and movement.
This is what she chose as her fave item:

And the reason why it is her favorite item is  "I like the way colors work together, especially in the areas where one line would go through a loop formed by the other one. I also like the meaning of it. Two lines represent live lines of two people. Their lives are connected in so many places and yet they are always twisting and turning in different directions."

I also like this one. But another that I like is called Flower in the Wind:

Maybe because today is 92 in the shade with a slight wind. Not sure. But I like the brightness of the colors and the purple of the flower. I can 'feel' the flower blowing in the wind. I can 'feel' the heat of the sun (even tho I am in air conditioned comfort).

I would hope everyone who reads this post would at least go to Armada's Etsy shop and heart it and check out her blog and her other links and remember that we all need followers.

Her Links are:


  1. Thx for this post. The Flower in the Wind is amongst my favorites as well, glad you liked it.

  2. On my way to visit Armada now. Thanks.