Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Donkey Update-- What a Laugh!!

What we didn't know and what we should have known is that our Morgan-- the baby...is Not a BOY but a GIRL Donkey. DUH--- Not even sure why we didn't question it... Our neighbor was here when she was born and he proclaimed her a boy and we went with it. ( and it might be as simple as when kittens are new- it is really hard to tell their sex too).

But no one else questioned it either, from my dog vet who came to visit... to our neighbor who used to be a Zoo director to my Farrier who had to lay her down for her 1st hoof trim... NO one noticed! But my big animal vet came last week to see if Morgan was ready to be gelded and pronounced her female!

We are still laughing about it. And hoping she is not mentally scarred from it. I have been careful to call them each by their names. Now I know why she is dainty! LOL.

SO Morgan is a GIRL....

And now for her birthday next month we are trading in the blue harness for a girly Pink or Purple one!


  1. What a precious face and a precious little girl donkey! I love donkeys and although I do not have a live one, I do have a huge collection of donkey cart planters and I love each one of them!!!

  2. Very cute donkey! Thanks for sharing on Etsy!