Thursday, July 7, 2011

Death of a Beloved Pet

I realize that this is a Sad Subject. I just came from my vet and witnessed another person dropping off their pet to be euthanized.  Yes, she was crying and had a private moment to be with her pet... but really.. it was all I could do to not chase her down and get involved. But she would not have "Got" it. So, I bit my tongue and would have sat with the dog but I might have scared it even more.

When will people get it??? It is NOT about YOU. I have heard it before..."I can't take it, I loved him so much". Yah-- well then be there for them at the end. It is not about you.. it is about THEM.. About making sure they are not alone with a stranger (or even your vet) when they die. You don't want to die alone or have your parents or 2 legged children die alone... why would you do that to a beloved pet??

I have had friends tell me that they just could not bear it... Yes, It is one of the hardest things emotionally that you will ever have to do-- if you have pets. But they gave you all those years of unfailing love and devotion and what- you drop them at the vet's office and walk away?? I do not get it.

I have been there for each of my many pets and just recently for a baby cow who had  heart failure. But we sat with him and cried and petted him. It is what you do.  Once I held one of my neighbor's cats that she just could not bear to be there because it was so sad. Well get over yourself... I cried buckets over that cat and it was not even mine. But at least he did not die alone.

 It is not about strength.. I have heard people say to me "but you are so strong that way"... that has nothing to do with anything-- it is just the Right thing to do. I still cry buckets like you.

I guess I hope if at least one person out there who reads this.. remembers and next time one of your beloved pets is at Death's door- you will think and realize it is not about you and how bad you feel. Think of your pet and be there for them to hold them and pet them and tell them all the things you want to tell them. And when the vet gives them that needle-- just hold them and Love them right at the end.
You will feel better for it and so will they.


  1. totally agree with you. friend of mine has a cat that is 19yrs old and not in good health and keeps saying she can't handle the thought of having him put down. so sad.

  2. I so agree with you! I have had to put my best friends to sleep but I was there hugging them the whole time. How could you not?

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. I usually adopt older dogs because they are less adobtable; and, frankly older pets are easier for me. This sadly means, I have had to hold quite a few at the end of their lives in the last few years not wanting them to be with strangers. I thought it was what everyone did. I have since found out differently. I'm glad you are one who will do that for our fur babies.

  4. Very heart felt post. It made me cry to think that people could just walk away.

  5. I totally agree. It made me choke up just thinking about leaving my pup alone. I just had to leave her over night for an acl surgery and I felt terrible about that! I can't imagine letting her go alone.

  6. It is true, it's not about us, it's about them. I think the most agonizing part, though, is knowing WHEN it's the time to let go.

    If it IS time, then letting go is an act of love.