Saturday, June 11, 2011

A New Treasury to Check Out

My cat Calliope died this past week-- she was almost 18 yrs old and passed away at home. She went fast- She suddenly stopped eating on Thurs and was gone Sunday night. I was with her when she passed. It was peaceful.

I am convinced that she is Okay (whether you believe or not- I do and I have had signs). I am sure she is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

I created a treasury to honor her memory. So, If you get a chance, please go check Etsy and take a look at it and leave comments.

Calliope 6/25/1993 - 6/5/2011  (RIP Sweety).


  1. Such friends never leave our hearts. Still, it's so hard when they go. With heartfelt sympathy, purrs and headbutts

  2. Rest in peace, will be remembered well esp the fond memories. purrrr....meow!

  3. I am sorry for your loss! *happy memory sparkles*